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Revenge of the Birds writers give you their Head Coach wish list for the Arizona Cardinals

Who do the writers want for the new Cardinals head coach?

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There is never consensus when it comes to something that is a hypothetical with no immediate tangible measurements.

That is why, when I polled the staff of Revenge of the Birds for their wish list on who the next Arizona Cardinals head coach would be, it was no surprise to see everyone come back with different list.

I tallied the votes at the end and the known candidates were ranked to garner a consensus.

Here is what we have:

Seth Cox

Tier 1 (Homeruns)

Kliff Kingsbury
Eric Bienemy
Freddie Kitchens

Tier 2 (I am intrigued)

Adam Gase
Zac Taylor
Vic Fangio
Matt LaFleur

Tier 3 ( You could do worse)

Mike McCarthy
Jim Caldwell
Dan Campbell

Tier 4 (Please no)

Chuck Pagano
Todd Bowles

Tyler Nickel

1. McDaniels
2. Bieniemy
3. Gase
4. Taylor
5. Kingsbury
6. LaFleur
7. Monken

John Buckley

  1. Lincoln Riley
  2. Josh McDaniels
  3. Jim Harbaugh
  4. Mike McCarthy
  5. Eric Bieniemy
  6. Adam Gase
  7. Kliff Kingsbury
  8. Dan Campbell
  9. Pete Carmichael
  10. Matt LaFleur

Blake Murphy

Tier 1: Home run hires

  1. Todd Monken (college offense-type creativity but w/ head coach experience and NFL success)
  2. Kliff Kingsbury (offensive wizard with incredible QB track record to counter McVay & Shanahan)
  3. Freddie Kitchens (adaptable scheme, play calling and already known in the building

Tier 2: Intriguing options

4. Eric Bieniemy (more than a run game coordinator, he’s a tough, dynamic personality)

5. Mike McCarthy (next Andy Reid with the Chiefs or the next Jeff Fisher post-Titans?)

6. Adam Gase (overachieved or underachieved in Miami depending on who you ask)

7. Vic Fangio (Arians/Zimmer seems like a good comparison here but the magic seemed to run out on both after a few years)

Tier 3: Could do worse

8. Jim Caldwell (stability and stoicism are what he brings

9. Matt LaFleur (star fallen a bit in 1st season calling plays but can’t deny QB work)

10. Dan Campbell (if Zac Taylor’s his OC, might see AZ motivated like Mike Vrabel’s work in Tennessee?)

Tier 4: Please No

  • Todd Bowles
  • Chuck Pagano
  • Josh McDaniels
  • Any former Cardinals head coach (yes, that includes Bruce Arians)

Tier 5: The Jeff Fisher “Do Not Want” Tier

He gets a tier all to himself. Lucky guy.

Revenge of the Birds Consensus:

  1. Adam Gase
  2. Kliff Kingsbury
  3. Dan Campbell
  4. Zac Taylor

Now, if we get anymore candidates that come into focus, maybe this could change the consensus rankings, but for now, this is how the staff feels of the candidates that have accepted interviews.

How would you rank them?