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Would you make this trade with the Jaguars for the Cardinals’ first pick?

Would you make this trade if you were the Arizona Cardinals?

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It is the time of year where options abound for the Arizona Cardinals.

While the search for a new head coach goes on, there is no question, they have the first pick of the 2019 NFL Draft and will be able to dictate how it unfolds.

This is now more evident than ever with the fact that Dwayne Haskins has declared for the draft and looks to be the unquestioned top quarterback available.

That has begged the question, would you listen to offers for the first overall pick?

Obviously, you always listen, but some on the internet are already making fake trade proposals.

Good friend of the program Zach Goodall of Locked on Jaguars wrote an article asking just that question.

Here is his proposal to the Cardinals:

1. Arizona Cardinals

Needs: OL, iDL, DB, WR

Would they trade out?: Probably not, unless the offer is too good to pass up.

What it would likely take to trade with Jacksonville: 7th overall, 2019 2nd, 2019 3rd (from LAR) 2020 1st = +4.8% gain

Using the new(ish) trade value chart:

Cardinals (1st Pick) 3000
Jaguars (1st pick #7 overall) 1500, Jaguars (2nd pick #38) 580 points, Jaguars (3rd pick via LA Rams #93) 128 points, 2020 First = 3000 to 590

So, if the Cardinals were to make this deal, they would be short about 800 points, but could make that up in 2019 with the Jaguars first pick. If the Jags pick 21 or higher (lower? I never know how to articulate that) meaning if the Jags miss the playoffs next year, the Cardinals will have a net positive return.

If you change the compensation and add the Jags third this year, that doesn’t change things too much, as the Jags pick is only worth 245 points, or 117 more points, the equivalent to the 96th pick.

There are going to be plenty of scenarios that we see, but for me, I don't want to see Arizona move past four, if the target for the number one is Dwayne Haskins.

My personal belief, and I am not through too many prospects at this point, is that there are three prospects that you can hang your hat on:

Nick Bosa, DE Ohio State

Quinnen Williams, DT Alabama

Ed Oliver, DT Houston

So, if you trade too low, you are missing one of those high end players.

If your thought is that even going to seven you get one of the best players in the draft: Bosa, Q Williams, Oliver, then CB Greedy Williams or Byron Murphy, DT Jeff Simmons, OT Jonah Williams, LB Devin White, Edge Josh Allen, then feel convicted, but I think Bosa is the best player.

What would you think of this trade option?