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Kingsbury’s Persona and Air Raid Staples

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Kingsbury’s Swag, Communication Skills and Player Engagement:

What was striking to me while watching this video is how personable and upbeat Kingsbury is. It is a classic case of form following function. Everything about the Air Raid offense is up tempo—-keeping everything brisk and crisp—-with the ability and understanding that it is of paramount importance to bounce quickly from one play to the next, both mentally and physically.

A few of the signature plays in Kliff Kingsbury’s playbook.

  1. Classic RPO (run/pass option)—-2 examples on film
  2. Misdirection Running Plays—-from set formations (Plays 1 & 2, backside zone runs) and off motion (Play 3, backside counter trey—-notice the strong side G & T pulling to their left).
  3. Throwing to Big Targets—Play 1 (backside shoulder) and Play 2 “90” or “GO” route. When one thinks of the Air Raid, one thinks of how Kingsbury uses speedy slot WRs who want to catch and go (RAC). But, his “L” WR is typically a big target athlete who can dominate smaller CBs.

2nd Read Backside WR Tunnel and RB Screen Plays:

This is a real staple of Kingsbury’s offense as mapped out for college and high school coaches by Coach Ron McKie. Watch the first few minutes and i guarantee that you will be impressed, both with the concepts of the plays and with McKie’s Xs and Os.

Game Tape Air Raid Offense at West Virginia 2017 with Nik Shimonek at QB:

What stands out in this game is how diversified the Air Raid offense is (shotgun runs off misdirection, tunnel screens, big target passes)—-and while Nik Shimonek is a first year starter as a senior, and is not as gifted athletically as Patrick Mahomes, he demonstrates a strong command of the offense and uses his feet to extend plays.

Recent QBs in Kliff Kingsbury’s Air Raid offense (Texas A&M and Texas Tech):

Johnny Manziel (CFL)

Davis Webb (Jets)

Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs)

Nik Shimonek (was on Redskins’ PS for a while).