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First Impressions of Kingsbury as Cardinals’ Head Coach

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports
  • This is the kind of splash hiring the Cardinals needed.
  • This is going to bring a level of local and nation interest and fascination that the Cardinals have rarely seen.
  • High risk, high reward decision.
  • Should generate a buzz in free agency and in the draft.
  • Kingsbury’s offense is his own brand. It’s not like this is a copycat hire.
  • Should excite the Cardinals’ players, especially Josh Rosen, David Johnson, Christian Kirk and Larry Fitzgerald (a pass first offense at this point in Fitz’s career is a clincher).
  • Puts a premium on adding athletic, flexible offensive linemen.
  • Signals that this time around Michael Bidwill and Steve Keim had a concerted plan and they acted on it with conviction and alacrity—-and that they have the guts to be innovative.
  • For those of us who remember Don Coryell, this is a day to honor him and make him proud because as a Cardinals’ head coach, he paved the way for wide open passing attacks.
  • No more QB play sheet wrist bands. A more simplified play calling vernacular. Some of Kingsbury’s calls are one word.
  • Gives the Cardinals a competitive edge on the competition and with it some much needed confidence.
  • Defense should profit from going against the Air Raid every day in practice—-should make them better prepared for today’s innovative, motion and misdirection type offenses.
  • Should keep the consecutive home game sellout streak alive.
  • Up tempo, multi-dimensional, 21st century offense.
  • Requires QBs to be athletes and sharpshooters.
  • Won his services over the Jets.
  • Tom Brady is a huge fan—-which is instant cred.
  • Say goodbye to boring, redundant vanilla offense.