Redrafting the Cardinals 2019 Draft One Quarter Through the Season

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It has been one quarter through the season and the impact of the Cardinals draft class is somewhat disproportionate to what we all expected so here is a redraft of the 2019 draft.

Round One:

Actual: Kyler Murray

Redraft: Kyler Murray (or maybe Gardner Minshew?????????)

It is just too early to know so I am just gonna stick with Murray right now. Maybe Minshew might have been better but eh we will find out soon.

Round Two:

Actual: Byron Murphy (No way he lasts in redraft)

Redraft: Cody Ford

I would go with Byron Murphy but there is no way that he could possibly last after the first round just looking at how well he has played so far this season. The Cardinals would get Cody Ford in the redraft and that would solidify the right tackle position from some dismal backup who has a PFF grade of like 30.

Round Three:

Actual: Zach Allen

Redraft: Keesean Johnson

Johnson is one of the Cardinals pleasant surprises this season and there is no way he would last till the 6th round so I have him going here.

Round Four:

Actual: Hakeem Butler

Redraft: Andy Isabella

Isabella has not played a meaningful offensive snap yet and he just looks a little soo small on the field for my liking so he would last till the 4th round. Hakeem Butler was thought to still have catching problems all camp so Isabella is still more explosive.

Round Five:

Actual: Deionte Thompson

Redraft: Jakobi Myers

He looks like the ideal K raid receiver with his size and slot skills. Too bad that he wasn't identified earlier.

Who do you think the Cardinals would draft in a redraft?

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