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Twitter reacts to the Arizona Cardinals’ dramatic 34-33 win over the Atlanta Falcons

The Cards offense and Kyler Murray was dynamic, so what were the best tweets from the game yesterday?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals came off of a win against the Bengals back home to the desert to face a struggling one-win Falcons team. Before the game, there was a moment of silence for the owner Bill Bidwill, who passed away last week when the team was on the road.

How did Twitter react to the game itself?

Well it started with a...brutal start by the defense and the offense kicking a field goal.

So pretty much the same as always.

Too easy.

Fortunately, Kyler and the Cards offense followed it up with a big play.

Only to see Kyler and the team miss Larry Fitzgerald and see another drive stall with Kliff choosing to kick a field goal instead of going for it on 4th and under 5 at the 21.

The Falcons took over but it ended on a great play by Byron Murphy against the man in Julio Jones...

On offense, the Cardinals had mental errors that seemed to leak in as well...but also some explosive plays.

The game started with an incredible, dynamic play to avoid taking a sack by Kyler Murray. Hold onto your hats for this highlight....

Spinning around and then dropping dimes...

Byrd fumbled the ball oh man did the Cards catch a break after a Damiere Byrd fumble?

And then....surprise.

Maybe Bill Bidwill was tipping the game in the Cards favor from up above? Who knows.

In any case, Arizona’s red zone offense seemed to be moving backwards until another young player stepped it right up:

But it wasn’t just Chase, on the next drive David Johnson wanted in on the action:

Needless to say, people weren’t impressed with the Falcons’ defense.

Entering the half, Arizona was in the red zone and looked ready to score another touchdown and on 3rd down with 7 seconds left had enough time to give it one more shot for 6 points and....wait why is the field goal unit on?


Kliff...y u kick on 3rd down?

The second half began and Arizona ended up scoring and it certainly looked like the route was going to be on, right?

WHEW. Offensive production.

You love to see it.

Who’s having fun?

And the 3rd quarter, it all changed.

The tight ends started catching, AZ kept blitzing but couldn’t get home and the Falcons started stampeding back.

It got worse...a TE touchdown.

Finally, AZ came up with a stop.

And AZ went on a long drive, needing a touchdown to essentially stay ahead in the game, it was helped by a penalty.


But it wasn’t over....Falcons drove down for what seemed to be a game-tying score as long as they didn’t miss the Extra point.

I mean there was no way that the Falcons would....


Poor guy, although at least there was some humor left.

It wasn’t over just yet as the Cards needed a first down and it was a controversial call as to if Kyler Murray was short of the marker running out of bounds...and the call went Arizona’s way.

Of course the real story of the game wasn’t Matt Bryant but the sensational rookie QB:

And why everyone’s so excited:

So that’s it and what are your thoughts, Birdgang?