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Kyler Murray stacking up in his rookie season

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

When you look at Kyler Murray’s work through six games of his NFL career, you see really strong numbers.

Two of the games that have really stuck with me though are the games against the Detroit Lions and Carolina Panthers.

I went through what other QBs have done against those teams to try and gauge the performance by a rookie in his first three games.

Here were the numbers.

vs Det:

Murray - 29/54 308 2TD 1INT (T)

Rivers - 21/36 293 1TD 1 INT (L)

Wentz - 19/36 259 2 TD (L)

Mahomes - 24/42 315 (W)

Rodgers - 24/39 283 2TD 1 INT (W)

vs Car:

Goff - 23/39 186 1TD 1INT (W)

Winston - 16/25 208 1TD (W)

Murray - 30/43 173 2TD 2INT (L)

Watson - 21/33 160 1 rushing TD (L)

Minshew - 26/44 374 2TD (L)

Winston - 30/54 400 1TD 5INT 1 Fumble (L)

It’s interesting to put the numbers together and take Murray out just to see where he was.

The average for the quarterbacks against the Lions: 22/38 57.9% 288 yards 1TD 1INT

Average against the Panthers:

23/39 59% 266 yards 1TD 1INT

Obviously the last two weeks against the Panthers has changed their yards per game average, but it is interesting to see where Murray slotted in.

That was Murray’s first and third game.

He has steadily improved week after week since those games and continued to work towards a rookie season the likes of which we have not seen.

It’s six games, but the trajectory is something to be excited about if you are an Arizona Cardinals fan.

Seeing how Murray matches up with veteran quarterbacks and some of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL.

Now, it is about finding a way to sustain that growth over the final ten games of the season.

He looks well on his way to doing so.