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September Fanposts of the Month, Deets for October

With the first month of NFL action in the book, we also close up another round of our monthly Fanpost Contests.

You know the drill, give a big shoutout to ag832 for his second first place finish in a row, and Larime the Gimp on second place for Fanposts of the Month! They both take home a gift card to Fanatics. (Please keep an eye on your email, ag. Larime, please hit me up at the email below.)

If you haven’t seen their work already, ag’s “A Tale of Two Kitties (And Some Birds)” and Larime’s “Patience is a Virtue” are recommending reading.

Onto October. It’s cooling down and what better time to get outside after you’ve spent hours inside watching the Cards/Devils/Wildcats? This month, the top two fanposts of the month will receive a $75 and $20 e gift card to Bass Pro Shops!

It’s simple to qualify, just:

  • Submit one or more Fanposts during this month (Yes, this is retroactive to the 1st).
  • Keep your content PG.
  • Follow the Community Guidelines

You also have the opportunity to have your Fanpost featured on the front page!

And if you need a hand, see this Fanpost guide or feel free to hit me up. Email me at or hit me up on twitter @robert_ban.

Good luck!

PS: ATTENTION, AZ_Cardinals_Fan! Please check your email so I can get your prize to you! If I don’t hear from you before the end of the month, I will have to award it to the next best fanpost submission.