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Arizona Cardinals ride Chase Edmonds, suffocating defense to 27-21 win over New York Giants

Arizona Cardinals v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

It did not need to be that close, but it would not be the 2019 Arizona Cardinals if they were able to make it easy. Yet, in the end it was a 27-17 win for the Arizona Cardinals.

No, instead they made it close by bad offensive, defensive and special teams possession, all back-to-back-to-back.

After the Arizona Cardinals went up 24-14, the Giants drove down the field and missed a short field goal.

The Cardinals didn’t do anything, allowing the Giants to get the ball back.

The Giants then finished off the next drive, going 82-yards for a touchdown and pulling within 24-21.

The Cardinals offense moved the ball to midfield, then Andy Lee had his worst punt of the season.

It was then, the return of Patrick Peterson came into play.

On 4-15, after a perplexing 3-18 draw play from the Giants, Vance Joseph dialed up a cornerback blitz and Patrick Peterson had a sack fumble of Daniel Jones, the Cardinals sixth sack of the day, and set up a short field.

The Cardinals and Kyler Murray made some mistakes, though.

Instead of playing aggressive, they sat back and on 3-9, Kyler Murray scrambled out of bounds, stopping the clock and giving the Giants the ball back with the two minute warning still in their pocket.

It wouldn’t matter, as the defense and running game carried the day in a rainy, ugly offensive game.

Murray had his worst statistical game of the season, finishing with 104 passing yards and 33 rushing yards.

It was the Chase Edmonds show though, as the second year back had 27 carries 126 yards and three touchdowns on the day.

The defense was really good most of the day.

Chandler Jones had four sacks and a strip and recovery, Corey Peters had one sack, Terrell Suggs had one sack, Peterson had a sack and Brooks Reed ended the day with a sack.

Eight sacks on the day, forced three turnovers and only 14 points allowed.

The Arizona Cardinals have won three in a row, they have won two with overpowering offenses and today it was the defense and a spectacular rushing attack.

That takes the Arizona Cardinals to 3-3-1 on the season and they head into a tough stretch with their first three game win streak since 2015.

Well done.