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New Orleans Saints run over, around and through the Arizona Cardinals as Cards three game winning streak ends

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The first half went about as well as it could have and things fell apart in the second half for the Arizona Cardinals as the Arizona Cardinals pulled Kyler Murray to make sure he stayed healthy.

Brett Hundley came in for the final five minutes and received the same treatment Murray did in the second half as the New Orleans Saints rolled 31-9.

It ended up being a game we expected. The New Orleans Saints offense was able to get going in the second half and their great defense shut down the Arizona Cardinals offense as the Cardinals fall back below .500 on the season.

Kliff Kingsbury had his worst game as a coach and play caller.

Rotating between aggressive decisions with conservative play calls and aggressive play calls in obvious situations.

The Cardinals had bad performances from players today that they need to be great if they are going to have a chance.

They also had inexplicable soft coverage from their defense against a team and quarterback that feasts on underneath stuff.

Offensively, the lack of talent on the offensive line and for the skill players showed up, as the team struggled to get things going.

Chase Edmonds was completely shut down before leaving with an injury and the Cardinals now have a huge hole at running back on a short week.

We are onto the San Francisco 49ers, but it could be a tall task.