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Will Drake Make A Splash in Arizona?

Washington Redskins v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

I am so excited about tonight’s game—-and even though I am 53 years older than the 11 year old boy who went trick-or-treating on the evening of October 31, 1966 and then sat with his bag full of Halloween candy in front of his parents’ new color RCA TV to watch the St. Louis Cardinals host the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football—-I honestly believe I feel pretty much the same excitement I felt on that hallowed evening long ago.

Here is the highlight tape of the Cardinals’ 24-17 win over legendary Bears coach George Halas and his breathtaking Hall of Fame running back Gayle Sayers, thanks to a couple of early TD runs by RB Johnny Roland and 3 outstanding interceptions by my boyhood idol, S Larry Wilson:

Part of my excitement for tonight’s game is having the opportunity to see the debut of RB Kenyan Drake as an Arizona Cardinal.

Man—-I love this trade by Steve Keim and the Cardinals—-because I think Kenyan (another “K” addition to the K-Raid), because of his excellent versatility as a slashing runner and swift receiver is a great fit for our offense, is a great fit for our offense.

If you haven’t seen last year’s ‘Miami Miracle”—-with Kenyan Drake racing past the Patriots’ defense and deep safety Rob Gronkowski to deliver one of the most improbably lest second desperation wins one will ever see—-check this out!

Here is Kenyan Drake describing the play to Kyle Brandy:

Yesterday, I had to chuckle when I perused ESPN’s Bill Barnwell’s grades for the Drake trade. He gave the Dolphins a B and gave the Cardinals a C-.

Ok—-I get it—-the Dolphins are in the tank mode and want to amass as many 2020 draft picks as they can—-and the Cardinals are in last place in the NFC West and perhaps should be holding on to as many draft picks as possible.

But—-I can’t help but see both scenarios from a completely opposite angle.

For one, Kenyan Drake was a productive 3rd round steal for the Dolphins who brings tremendous versatility to any offense—-and he was the Miracle Man of the Miracle in Miami, which should have been a sign to them that this kid is special and worthy of a long-term 2nd contract—-to toss Drake away for at best a 5th round pick—-it would be highly unlikely that the Dolphins will be able to find a RB nearly as good in next year’s 5th round as Kenyan Drake.

From the Cardinals’ perspective, because Kenyan Drake is such a natural fit in the K-Raid offense, and in light of both David Johnson and Chase Edmonds being injured and likely inactive for tonight’s game, adding Drake at this point is a thunderous coup.

Perhaps Bill Barnwell assumes that the Cardinals won’t have Drake on their roster or have their 5th or 6th round pick come draft day next April—-which is why he gave the Cardinals a C- for the rental—-I believe that Drake, if he makes the kind of splash he is very capable of, could and should be an Arizona Cardinal for years to come—-especially if the Cardinals do what I believe they are going to do—-which is to play David Johnson far more regularly and perhaps even exclusively at WR. Having the tandem of Kenyan Drake and Chase Edmonds at RB would aid and abet that cause.

Drake, ever true to his name, said this week, he is raring to go, because he’s not the kind to “dip a toe into the water”, because he’s the type who likes ‘to dive right in.” He said he’s picking up the offense as quickly as he can in a two day window, particularly when he has been shown the plays on the field, as he is more of a “tactile learner.”

The other thing is—-the Cardinals had such a big draft class last year (12 players when you count Jalen Thompson, all of whom are on the roster or IR)—-and the Cardinals are expected to add numerous players in free agency next year with what looks to be north of $80M in cap space—-to the point where it may be very difficult for next year’s 5th, 6th and 7th round players to make the 53 man roster—-so giving up a 6th which could turn out to a 5th for a player of Drake’s ability is, in my opinion, a steal. Here, let this video do the talking—-watch Drake’s skills and envision how those skills fit in with the K-Raid.

If Kenyan Drake will be a great a fit in Arizona—-we could start calling him the “Grand Kenyan”!

Just another good reason to be jacked up for tonight’s game!

Enjoy the game, Birdgang!!