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The scariest thing you'll see on Halloween is the Arizona Cardinals history on Thursday Night Football

Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Cardinals in their Thursday Night Football history are not very good. Not shocking seeing as how they had two games on Thursday night from their move to Arizona until the mandatory everyone-gets-a-prime-time-game-which-could-be-a-TNF-game rule in 2012.

1995 - L 10-6 NYG

2008 - L 48-20 Phi

2012 - L 17-3 Stl

2013 - L 34-22 Sea

2014 - W 12-6 Stl

2015 - W 23-20 Min

2016 - W 33-21 SF

2017 - L 22-16 Sea

2018 - L 45-10

So, they started off in a hole with their 0-3 record and -46 score differential.

However, that has not changed much. Although Bruce Arians went 3-2 in his time in Arizona on TNF, their point differential was just +3 106-103.

Then the 2018 season happened, not sure what that was, and now their record sits at 3-6 and their point differential is an insane -78.

Basically, when the Cardinals win, it’s going to be close, their biggest win is +12 against the moribund Chip Kelly 49ers who finished 2-14.

When they lose, they get drubbed, with their 2017 six point loss to the Seahawks being their closest loss since their initial Thursday Night Football game in Arizona in 1995 against the Giants.

What does it all mean for tonight?

Who knows, but history has not been kind to the Cardinals on Thursday Night Football.