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Arizona Cardinals fans confidence nearly bottoms out after loss to Seahawks

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

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Everything is fine...

That was the thought at least, but now things are beginning to turn. In the ever changing NFL world, we know from experience that if things do not go well quickly, everyone will turn on you, including your employer.

Now, fans have completely turned on the Arizona Cardinals and the direction of the team, as the confidence in the teams direction is nearing 2018 lows, with another 20% drop this week.

The fans are at the same spot now with Kliff Kingsbury and Steve Keim’s vision as they were the week after the team fired Steve Wilks.

A loss to the Bengals may do away with any of the 15% of fans that still have confidence in the direction of the team.

The thing is, confidence can swing quickly.

Big Blue View, the New York Giants SB Nation site was at 17% confidence in the team of their team after their week two loss to the Bills.

The Jaguars SB Nation, Big Cat Country had a 6% confidence in the direction of the team after their week one loss and injury to their new quarterback Nick Foles.

Things changed quickly.

Giants fans are now 71% confident in the direction of their team, Jaguars fans are 73% confident.

All it takes are some wins, and maybe a little magic.

That is why Daniel Jones and Gardner Minshew topped this weeks national poll question on FanPulse:

Despite the fact that both are rookies, fans of the Giants and Jaguars and non-fans alike see the confidence the team has in Jones and Minshew respectively and play it off.

Now, the Cardinals need to find some wins and give their fans the same type of confidence moving forward.