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Arizona Cardinals at Cincinnati Bengals second half open thread

Arizona Cardinals v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Bryan Woolston/Getty Images

We knew that these were two bad teams, but there were so many plays made and missed in this first half that bad doesn’t begin to describe what we saw as the Cardinals lead the Bengals 13-6.

Let’s focus on the good of the first half.

Kyler Murray was on point and the offense was efficient after a bad first drive.

Kyler finished the half 12-19 for 129 yards, six carries for 48 yards and a touchdown and one catch for five yards.

David Johnson had a good half full of big runs, finishing with 10 carries for 64 yards.

Chase Edmonds chipped in five carries for 25 yards and Andy Isabella had two carries for 11 yards.

Larry Fitzgerald leads the way with four catches for 42 yards and the passing game has been more vertical today, which has helped the Cardinals.

Defensively they struggled early, but have really come around after the first drive.

The Bengals second drive was set up by a huge kickoff return and a bad penalty taken on Deionte Thompson for 15-yards.

The Bengals only have two field goals and this was the performance we have been waiting to see.

The other thing, they have left 12 points on the field having to take field goals because of mistakes made by the receiving corps.

Let’s hope they can finish in the second half and find their first win of the season.