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7 Winners and Losers from the Arizona Cardinals week five win over the Bengals

NFL: OCT 06 Cardinals at Bengals Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win. How did our boys in red and white do?


Kyler Murray: K1 came up big, showcasing his dual threat abilities and leading the drive to set up Zane Gonzalez for the game winner.

TE Defense: This was the last thing I expect to put in this part of the column, but that’s what I get for starting Eifert in fantasy. The two Cinci tight ends were limited to just 4 receptions and 30 yards in what is hopefully the beginning of a turnaround for the defenses’ coverage of the position.

The Run Game: Led by Kyler Murray, the Cardinal’s rushing attack put up and impressive 266 yards on the ground and two scores. It was a get right matchup for this phase of the offense, but it’s promising to see them take advantage of it and execute to such a high degree.

Haason Reddick: The much maligned LB might be one of the surprises of the season, as his arrow continues to trend in the right direction. He contributed in all phases, holding up particularly well in coverage and getting a big stop on 4th and 1.


The Pass Defense: With injuries to their top two receivers in A.J. Green and John Ross and a struggling offensive line (that lost their starting LT during the game), this seemed a prime matchup for the defense despite personnel issues of their own. And while they were not exactly lit up by any means, the absense of the pass rush and the decline of coverage over the game was disappointing given the matchup.

Redzone Offense: It’s disheartening to see the redzone struggles again this week, but I do think a little more aggression and a little less settling for field goals would help, there’s something to be said about not getting it done before that fourth down. But chin up, friends. I think touchdowns are coming. Maybe not as soon as we’d all like, but they’re coming.

Special Teams: Credit where it’s due for scoring when the offense stalled and sealing the game in the end - but what had up until this point been the strongest unit of Arizona’s three, between a missed FG, some less-than-desirable punting, giving up a 52 yard return, and a few penatlies (one of which cost the team FG range), the special teams showed some struggles yesterday.

Let’s hope it can all be chalked to injuries, bad weather and and early start/time zones. (Get well soon, Andy Lee!)