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Tuesday Night Open thread: Thanksgiving Day menu and best side dish

Tom Ryan who started Smashburger prepares his Thanksgiving classics at his home Photo By Cyrus McCrimmon/The Denver Post via Getty Images

The mother ship of SB Nation had a great question heading into the Thanksgiving holiday.

If you had to draft a Thanksgiving meal, let’s say the turkey is included, how would you fill out your Thanksgiving day menu with a draft?

Check out the whole thing.

Thanksgiving dinner sides draft: Who made the best selections? -
2 sides, 1 dessert, 1 drink. Whose Thanksgiving reigns supreme?

For me there was an obvious winner, but I’ll leave that down in the comments later.

I think the keys to a great Thanksgiving is stuffing and mashed potatoes, so that should make things obvious.

Dessert and drinks are not my thing on Thanksgiving, or I should say they don’t make the day.

I am not a huge pumpkin pie fan and my drinks usually consist of beer or mixed vodka drinks, so the people who used their early picks on dessert and drinks just have a different mindset than me.

How about you? What are your go-to’s?