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CBS Sports has Kliff Kingsbury on the hot seat for some absurd reason

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Most of the time keeping other writers opinions out of the news is how we operate here. Unless it is an actual newsy type of thing, we keep to our own opinions, good or bad.

However, with the Arizona Cardinals coming off a bye week and things a bit slow, an article was brought up that just had me scratching my head.

CBS Sports ranked the hottest coaching seats in the NFL and Kliff Kingsbury was on the list.

Not just on the list, he was placed by the writer on a hotter seat than Jason Garrett or Freddie Kitchens.

From the article:

DEFCON 4: Danger is present

8. Kliff Kingsbury - Cardinals

Things got fun for a little bit in Arizona, when the team went on a three-game win streak after beginning the year 0-3-1, but they’re back to their losing ways and Kingsbury finds himself still fighting to figure out what type of team the Cardinals need to be to become contenders. That won’t happen in 2019 though, after losing four straight -- their second-longest losing streak of 2019 -- to fall to 3-7-1 and far out of the playoff picture. The Cardinals are struggling to stop anyone defensively, and while they’ve averaged 26 points per game offensively in their last three games, they’ve also scored 20 or less at four different points of the season.

That’s not what the Cardinals envisioned when they wooed Kingsbury to the NFL and shipped away Josh Rosen to select Kyler Murray with the first-overall pick, and although Kingsbury will likely be given space to make errors in 2019 -- which is why he won’t find himself unemployed in the next few minutes -- a continued collapse could change his fate once the season concludes.

Not sure how Kliff’s work is overlooked but we have some numbers:

After their bye week the Cardinals are moved up to No. 8 in offensive DVOA on the season. The Cardinals last season had a cumulative offensive DVOA of -41.1, one of the worst in league history.

Under a year later, they are at 7.9, which ranks as the eighth most efficient offense in the NFL, behind only:

7. Green Bay Packers
6. New Orleans Saints
5. Minnesota Vikings
4. Seattle Seahawks
3. Kansas City Chiefs
2. Dallas Cowboys
1. Baltimore Ravens

The Cardinals jump under Kingsbury offensively cannot be understated. He has turned the Cardinals offense from worst in NFL history to top 10 in efficiency within a year.

That’s with a rookie quarterback, an offensive line everyone second guessed, and the man who was supposed to be the engine of the offense David Johnson, looking like he’s closer to retirement than being an All Pro again.

To even mention Kingsbury above others like Garrett, Freddie Kitchens and Brian Flores is silly.

Alas, it got me to click on the link, so I guess the writer won.