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October Fanposts of the Month, November Details

Another month of stellar content is in the books, thanks to longtime fanpost contributors, Britcard (1st place) and aditya4 (2nd). Please keep an eye on your emails, gents.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out there content, see their pieces on Wide Receiver separation, Redrafting the ‘19 Class and Trade Scenarios!

The holidays are just around the corner. Get a hand with your shopping (or just treat yourself, I won’t judge.) with a $75 or $20 gift card for Amazon! (Prizes may vary for international members.)

How do you get in on this? It’s easy.

  • Submit one or more fanposts during the month of November. (Yes, this is retroactive to the beginning of the month.)
  • Keep it PG!
  • Follow the Community Guidelines.

In addition to being eligible for prizes, your fanpost also has the chance to be featured on the front page!

Need some assistance? See this Fanpost guide or feel free to hit me up at or on twitter @robert_ban.

P.S: Hessay, check your email!