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Arizona Cardinals show little fight in embarrassing 34-7 loss to Rams

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams embarrassed the Arizona Cardinals today 34-7, but that doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that the Arizona Cardinals have allowed all the good will and positive steps from the season to be lost with one performance.

They’ve allowed the team to quit on the fans and the coaches.

It could not be more evident than when on 3-9, with the Cardinals down 20-0, the Rams threw a pass to Robert Woods who went back across the field with only one defender on the defensive left… Patrick Peterson responded by hiding as Jared Goff easily “blocked” the former All Pro cornerback and Woods raced past for a 48-yard gain. He would eventually be beaten by Cooper Kupp for a touchdown and from there, the route was not only on, but evident that the players knew it.

They allowed a supposed leader to not try on one of the biggest and most important plays of the game and then he was not punished. He was not taken out of the game and he was allowed to continue to play with no consequences for not putting out effort.

It has now shown the rest of the team there are no consequences for a lack of effort.

It has shown that Kliff Kingsbury either does not desire to create a team that is accountable or that he truly is not involved with the defense.

If the onus is completely on Vance Joseph then he needs to overrule Vance and make a statement to his team.

Allow the head coach to be the head coach and set the tone for the team and the expectations for what this organization will be with Kliff in charge.

So much has been good through the first 11 games and all of that disappeared in one game.

With one play, with one decision, the Arizona Cardinals are in a place that resembles where they were under Steve Wilks.

A rudderless ship without a captain.

This can’t be allowed or accepted.

A statement needs to be made this week and by the next game.

Or it could be a long offseason for the Arizona Cardinals.