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Arizona Cardinals may use Terrell Suggs along the defensive line due to injuries

Pittsburgh Steelers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Throughout the season one thing has been consistent, and that is the inconsistency of the Arizona Cardinals defensive line.

What I mean is, after the projected starting rotation of Darius Philon, Corey Peters and Rodney Gunter played exactly zero games, the depth was shattered as well.

The Cardinals had Robert Nkemdiche and Zach Allen as depth. They picked up Jonathan Bullard as depth as well and now, as it seems is always the case, Peters is the last man standing.

Now, as the team tries to limp to the finish line, they have begun to maneuver personnel around to just get the most talented players on the field.

According to Kliff Kingsbury, that would mean moving Terrell Suggs down into a defensive line position to get Haason Reddick onto the field in certain situations.

While Suggs production has been minimal this season, he still offers more than some of the recently signed DL.

Steve Keim and Kingsbury also need to justify the $7 million paycheck Suggs is making this year, so reps are necessary.

Who knows how the experiment will go, but the defense looked better in the loss to the Steelers.

That's progress, right?