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ROTB Fantasy League Playoff Recap (RD. 1)

Eight teams went in, four made out it. That’s uh, well a pretty weak cliche but I’ve got nothing but salt in my veins so forgive me if I’m not quite the wordsmith today. Why so salty Rob? Well, let’s get int the recap and see why...

101.44 - 77.40

We (My team Too Many Cooks) had a good run folks, but Alvin Kamara and Leonard Fournette decided they wanted to score a combined 8.60 points... But I should have known better given the season those two have had, it was only a matter of time before my Lamar Jackson/Darren Waller/New England late round diamonds couldn’t carry the load. Big ups to The Heavy Chevy’s though on taking a slight risk in starting turnover-prone Jameis Winston over Carson Wentz against a juicy matchup. The QB#2 for week 14, Winston’s 37+ points secured from that position alone tipped the scales significantly in his favor. Make it count, THC!

#7 MURF'S TURF vs. #2 UdontdoLV_LVdoesU
113.08 - 90.50

In another upset, despite a big game from Deandre Hopkins, UdontdoLV_LVdoesU was let down by the season’s QB #4 in Russell Wilson with a measly 11.60 points. A paltry 2.70 points from Jack Doyle and 6.60 from Julio Jones also served to undermine ROTB’s second best team as Murf’s Turf advances to the semifinals on a huge performance from Deshaun Watson (30.08) and an even more monstrous blowup from the week’s top receiver, A.J. Brown (28.60).

#4 GAME OF CARDS vs. #5 ImDJButYouBeSpinnin
127.62 - 93.74

Apparently the lone survivor of upset week, Game of Card’s secured their ticket to final four. Key to this was week 14’s RB#1, TE#2, with Austin Ekeler going off for 27.30 points and Jared Cook pitching in for 18.40. On top of that, GOC had the week’s highest scoring Defense/Special Teams in the... you guessed it (or should have) Pittsburgh Steelers.


ImDJ had a huge effort from his running back position, with Zeke and Joe Mixon nearly combining for 50 points. But a Mark Andrews injury and a negative point performance from the 49ers doomed his chances in an already tough matchup.

135.26 - 100.48

And here we round out the last of the upsets. Despite having the best tight end performance for the week from Zach Ertz, the #2 running back in the league in rushing yards (Derrick Henry) and a strong performance from the Ram’s DST, the upset bug hit Firebirds.

Cardiac Cardz would secure his playoff survival behind an insane 40.06 points from the week’s QB#1 in Drew Bress and the #2 running back and kicker for the week in Aaron Jones and Younghoe Koo. Seriously, 18 points from the kicker? Pour one out for Firebirds, I know that stings.*

*P.S: Don’t put kickers in your leagues, people.