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Despite loss, Arizona Cardinals fans confidence gets a slight boost after Sunday

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Pittsburgh Steelers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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No matter where the season ends, Cardinals fans only want to see one thing, competitiveness.

A week after a season low confidence in the direction of the team, things ticked a bit up with a close loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers where their rookie quarterback had maybe the worst game of his career.

After bottoming out at 17% confident in the teams direction, fans responded a bit and confidence in the direction of the Cardinals grew to 30%.

While that is still the lowest since the loss to the Seahawks, it is not too bad after what we saw against the Rams.

In this weeks national poll, the question was simply draft related.

Who wins the first pick and then who will be the first pick?

It was nearly unanimous in both instances.

The Cincinnati Bengals are the overwhelming favorites to get the first pick and fans believe who will be the first pick is nearly certain.

While Tua Tagovaoloa still has some believers and maybe the best player in the draft Chase Young got some votes, it is likely Heisman winner Joe Burrow who looks like the future first overall pick for the Bengals.

What do you think?