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What We Learned as the Redbirds snap a six game skid

Cleveland Browns v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

No one makes the 2019 Cardinals lose their seventh in a row! The team sent the final home crowd out with a W in what could also possibly be the last home game for Larry Fitzgerald. Did we learn anything new?

Patrick Peterson has still got it?

The former All-Pro netted 3 passes defended and a pick in a day reminiscent of the old Patrick Peterson. While one never wants to be too reactionary, it’d be of huge benefit to the team to get their star DB back to his usual self.

The front seven still needs help.

While the secondary was able to bottle up the Cleveland passing game until garbage time rolled around, the front struggled mightily against the run. Nick Chubb went off to the tune of 127 yards on 17 carries. And yet again the pass rush was absent with the exception Chandler Jones. Free agency seems ripe for a team to buoy their front, let’s hope the front office takes note. *cough*javonhargraveplz*cough*

Could Jalen Thompson be the future?

In what currently seems like a steal, the 2019 supplemental draft pick had one of his better games of the year. Putting in some big stops and recovering the fumble forced by Joe Walker, it would certainly be nice to pencil in the safety position as taken care of while other positions are remedied this offseason.

Kliff can exploit a weakness.

It might seem a rather simple concept, but Arizona fans are all to familiar with coaches who seem to make the simple into something complicated. Coming into Sunday the Brown’s had one of the league’s lesser run defenses - ranking 26th in rushing yards allowed and 25th in DVOA as a run defense, it was clear that part of the gameplan was to hit the Brown’s where they hurt. And that Kingsbury did. Say what you will about him as a manager, but Kingsbury certainly has a place in this league as a playcaller and game-planner, as the wonderfully executed first drive of the game showcased.