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ROTB Fantasy League Final Four Recap

#3 GAME OF CARDS vs.#7 MURF’S TURF (Blake)

FINAL SCORE: 87.70 - 75.32

It wasn’t a particularly high scoring affair, but a win is a win. Aside from a 23.70 point showing from week 15’s QB #5 in Patrick Mahomes and a solid 11.10 from Tyler Higbee, it was a pretty quiet day for the three seed. Were it not from an even more quiet performance from Murf’s Turf (starting an inactive David Njoku will do that to you), GOC might have regretted starting Pittsburgh’s DST over Buffalo’s in what would have been a 12 point difference.


FINAL SCORE: 103.22 - 100.48

In a much higher and closer bout, The Heavy Chevy’s eked out the W over Cardiac Cardz in no small part due to Jameis Winston’s perfomance, whose 33.72 points were second only to Lamar Jackson on the week. Week 15’s RB #5 and TE #2 Saquon Barkley and George Kittle cemented the win in what has sadly been somewhat rare performances from the two. While Cardiac suffered some fatal duds, with Robert Woods, Dede Westbrook, Marlon Mack and Hunter Henry only combined for under 7 points - negating big days from Christian McCaffrey and Aaron Jones. 68+ points left on the bench is sure to sting in this loss, but you can’t win them all.

Good luck to Game of Card’s and Heavy Chevy’s as they head into the Revenge of the Birds fantasy finale!