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A big victory over the Browns has Arizona Cardinals fans confidence rising heading into final weeks

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NFL: Cleveland Browns at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation’s FanPulse is back for 2019 and it is bigger and better than ever. If you have missed out on signing up, don’t worry, there is still plenty of time for you to be part of the Revenge of the Birds FanPulse and weigh-in on all the Arizona Cardinals topics.

It will be extremely interesting to see how fans feel the next two weeks in the SB Nation FanPulse survey.

On one hand, the Arizona Cardinals will finish with a top ten pick heading into the 2020 NFL Draft and could potentially be as high as top five.

On the other hand, there have been only four games this season where they felt overmatched, something positive when you look at expectations heading into this season.

Now, after their most impressive win of the past two seasons confidence is again growing and the belief is the Cardinals are heading in the right direction.

After bottoming out again after a terrible effort against the Los Angeles Rams, less than a month later the fans confidence went up from 17% back to 65%.

It makes sense, the Cardinals weren’t expected to be big winners, but growth is more frustrating close losses like against the Bucs, 49ers and Steelers and the occasional performance we saw on Sunday against the Browns.

The national question this week was one I liked quite a bit.

Do division winners deserve home field in the wild card game if they have a worse record?

I voted no, it’s actually something I don’t like because you get six games against your division and if it sucks, like the NFC East, you are at an advantage. I don’t begrudge anyone that votes the opposite way, that’s just my take on things.

What is yours?