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Arizona Cardinals hold ninth pick in 2020 NFL Draft after win over Seahawks

Heisman Trophy Presentation Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

A two game winning streak has moved the Arizona Cardinals from the sixth pick in the 2020 NFL Draft to just the ninth pick.

In other words, despite winning, they have not hurt their draft position too much.

That is especially impressive when you look at the fact that they have had the fifth hardest schedule in the NFL this season.

What does the top 20 look like now? Well, quite a bit has changed.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals (1-14)
  2. Washington Redskins (3-12)
  3. Detroit Lions (3-11-1)
  4. New York Giants (4-11)
  5. Miami Dolphins (4-11)
  6. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-10)
  7. Los Angeles Chargers (5-10)
  8. Carolina Panthers (5-10)
  9. Arizona Cardinals (5-9-1)
  10. New York Jets (6-9)
  11. Denver Broncos (6-9)
  12. Cleveland Browns (6-9)
  13. Atlanta Falcons (6-9)
  14. Oakland Raiders (7-8)
  15. Dallas Cowboys (7-8)
  16. Indianapolis Colts (7-8)
  17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-8)
  18. Oakland Raiders via Chicago Bears (7-8)
  19. Miami Dolphins via Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7)
  20. Jacksonville Jaguars via Los Angeles Rams (8-7)

It is interesting to see how things have changed quite a bit, especially in the 7-20 range and what could still happen.

It is also interesting to see that the Miami Dolphins, the team everyone said was tanking, may end up all the way down at the fifth pick.

Sometimes you have to get the right mix of players in order to create the cohesion you need.

We’ll see if the Arizona Cardinals are on that same track heading into year two, but first a rematch with the LA Rams.