Offseason Moves that the Cardinals need to make to make sure they don't screw up

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The Cardinals have a chance to finally be very good next year but they cannot let dumb spending decisions get in the way of progress so here are some smart decisions that the Cardinals need to make.

1. Franchise Tag Kenyan Drake (along with trading David Johnson to TB), sign Larry Fitzgerald, and sign Humphries on a reasonable contract or else let him walk

The Cardinals can not afford to have another fat contract at running back and they should definitely franchise tag Drake to see if he can turn in a monster year next year before he gets paid. David Johnson to Tampa Bay for OJ Howard makes a lot of sense as well as Howard is a decent blocker who also provides a catching threat unlike Clay and Williams. Larry Fitzgerald needs to stay as a security blanket to Kyler Murray as well as to help develop whatever young receiver the Cardinals get in the draft. DJ Humphries has played better this year but I would not be comfortable paying him big dollars after he has underwhelmed for 4 years before this. If the contract is around 7 Million a year over maybe 2 years than bring him back but do not pay a cent after that.

2. Get help in free agency for the Center, Tackle, Defensive Line, Outside Linebacker, and Inside Linebacker Positions

The Cardinals need to get a new center and Connor McGovern is a good choice as he has experience with the offensive line coach. He would also not come as expensive as well making him a good choice. For left tackle, the Cardinals would want to bring in someone like Trent Williams or if he leaves Indy, Anthony Catanzaro. At right tackle, they could bring in Bryan Bulaga or Demar Dotson. They would likely come on a large price tag but the cardinals can afford it. Along the defensive line, Adam Gotsis, Chris Jones, and Danny Shelton should all be available and come at a reasonable price (Apart from Jones). For outside linebacker and insider linebacker, the Cardinals should target Dante Fowler and Corey Littleton as they would provide massive amounts of help and give info on the Rams system.

3. Get a wide receiver, running back, cornerback, Left Tackle, and Defensive Line help in draft

What would I do

Round One: CeeDee Lamb (WR, Oklahoma)

Round Two: Nick Coe (DL, Auburn)

Round Three: Brandon Aiyuk (WE, ASU)

Round Four: Eno Benjamin (RB, ASU)

Round Five (Mia): Calvin Throckmorton (LT, Oregon)

Round Five (Ari): Chase Lucas (CB, ASU)

Round Seven (Ari): Trade away

I obviously followed the theme of bringing in Valley Boys that the Cardinals like to follow. The Cardinals need that insane deep threat in Brandon Aiyuk and need a RAC receiver in Lamb. They also need a power back in Eno Benjamin. Throckmorton is a developmental player but it would be very good for him to sit behind Trent Williams. Chase Lucas can play inside and outside but is a valley kid who will play very hard for the team. Nick Coe has sat in the shadow of Derrick Brown at Auburn but has a very good skill set.

What do you think the Cardinals should do

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