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Divisional Round - New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Thought it would be interesting to take a look at the long list of current and former players and coaches who are (currently receiving checks) on the 2019 payroll (salary cap) for the Arizona Cardinals. Have a gander:

Former Players:

Josh Rosen (traded)—-$8.2M

Jermaine Gresham (released)—-$5.8M

Sam Bradford (released)—-$5.0M

D.J. Swearinger (released)—-$4.3M

Mike Iupati (buyout)—-$3.7M

Mike Glennon (released)—-$3M

Darius Philon (released)—-$3.0M

Michael Crabtree (released)—-$2.4M

Antoine Bethea (released)—-$2.2M

Andre Smith (released)—-$1.3M

Tramine Brock (released)—-$1.3M

Robert Nkemdiche (released)—-$1.2M

Josh Bynes (released)—-$667K

Kevin White (released)—-$400K

Sub Total: $42.6M

2019 Players on IR:

Robert Alford—-$6.0M

Marcus Gilbert—-$4.9M

Brooks Reed—-$1.6M

Clinton McDonald—-$1.2M

Brandon Williams—-$908K

Josh Shaw—-$435K (earned before suspension)

Sub Total: $14.6M

Former Coaches (financial details unavailable):

Steve Wilks

Mike McCoy

Ray Brown

Don Johnson

Underperforming 2019 Veterans:

David Johnson—-$9.7M

Patrick Peterson—-$8.0M (without the 6 game checks he lost during suspension)

Terrell Suggs—-$5.0M + $2.0M on the 2020 cap.

Sub Total: $24.7M


Grand Total: $81.9M (almost 12 the 2019 salary cap)


Cardinals’ 2019 UFAs Still Playing:

Larry Fitzgerald—-$11.3M

Jordan Hicks—-$6.3M

Charles Clay—-$1.9M

Brett Hundley—-$1.9M

Max Garcia—-$1.8M

A.Q. Shipley—-$1.4M

Maxx Williams—-$805K (interesting that the lowest paid 2019 UFA is the one who earned a 2 year extension)


Is the $81.9M tied up in former (traded, bought out or released) and current players (IR and underachievers) mostly the result of bad planning, poor contracts or an uncanny plethora of tough breaks?

You be the judge.

What is your analysis of these numbers?

Do these numbers corroborate the perception that veteran NFL players (and some veteran coaches) like to come to Arizona to retire?

Hey, one has to admit—-the severance packages for the early or temporary retirees are pretty sweet.