2020 Draft Player Analysis: Joe Burrow

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With the Cardinals season over after being eliminated from the playoffs, let me introduce my number one player at every position in the draft class one by one through different posts


Joe Burrow (LSU):

I am going to be straight up honest. I like Joe Burrow more than any quarterback that has came out of the draft in the last decade with the exception of Andrew Luck.

Measurables: 6 Foot 4 Inches and 216 pounds. PERFECT

Age: 23 Years Old (When draft happens)

Arm Strength on scale of 1 to 5: 3

Mobility: He is not very mobile but is good at taking steps in the pocket to buy more time when needed

Accuracy: He completes 78.3% of passes and these are not just short passes and bad teams. He has played top tier competition every month and really destroyed those defenses. He is also very good at competing those mid range passes and connecting on the sideline without letting his receiver go too far.


1. Very good pre snap reads

2. Excellent footwork

3. Throws to areas in middle where he realizes that receivers will not be hit

4. Is suitable for any NFL offense (Is better in the spread but would be excellent too in a run first or west coast offense)

5. Hits receivers in stride

6. Wins big games (Just a winner like Murray)

7. Beautiful spiral

8. Quick decision making (Important): Gets the ball out quick

9. Poise in big games and poise in pocket: He makes very good steps in the pocket to buy time and plays well in big games


1. Play action can be difficult at times

2. Can sometimes be streaky with interceptions but just doesn't throw them (Only 6)

3. Age is a problem: We have seen quarterbacks like Baker Mayfield who were drafted at 23 look very good in year one and then they just regress or be mediocre the years after. It looks like that extra only helps year one.

4. Is playing with top tier weapons: He will not have these to wherever he goes unless he slips past 5

5. Arm Strength (Big Hit): He cannot throw more than 60 yards downfield with accuracy but can easily be overlooked

6. No length of success: Scouts could view him as a one year wonder

My Draft Projection:

Round One, #1 Overall to Cincinnati Bengals

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