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Arizona Cardinals fans confidence comes crashing down after loss to Rams

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Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

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It was fun while it lasted.

The Arizona Cardinals abysmal performance against the Los Angeles Rams sent the confidence in the team spiraling.

By spiraling, I mean completely crashing down.

In less than a week, fans confidence in the direction of the Cardinals plummeted from 73% confident in the direction of the team to 17%.

With one single game.

The funny thing is, Rams fans did not have the same type of drop when their team was embarrassed on national TV on Monday Night Football, and they barely trust the big performance against the Cardinals.

Rams fans confidence only went up to 44% in the direction of the team, up from 30% after their loss to the Ravens.

It is an interesting trend to follow just to see how fanbases react.

Even in their biggest drop off it was not as drastic as the Cardinals fans.

Now, onto the national questions this week.

Most rational fans do not see the Buffalo Bills winning the AFC East, despite the New England Patriots offensive struggles.

Makes sense, the Bills have to take on the Ravens, Steelers and Patriots the next three weeks, before they get the hapless Jets in the final game.

The next question was about those Ravens, are they the best team in the NFL right now? I would agree with the consensus, yes they are.

Finally, because it is run by sycophants, who is winning the NFC East?

With the way both teams are playing, it is something to watch. The Eagles have the entire NFC East gauntlet left, while the Cowboys have to deal with the Bears tonight and then host the Rams the next week.

Schedule wise, it favors the Eagles, but I would take the Cowboys.

What do you think?