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November Fanposts of the Month

The Cardinals may have decided to take the month off, but not some of our most loyal fanpost contributors.

Have fun mopping up your Christmas shopping, (or just treating yourselves, I won’t judge), aditya4 (1st place) and ag832 (2nd place)! (Keep an eye on your emails!)

aditya was again pumping out post after post, his pre-Thanksgiving post on things we as Cards fan should be grateful for might be my favorite among them. And ag had a great post on Kyler Murray’s rookie numbers and how they stack up.

Now, for the prizes for the December Fanposts of the Month. You’ll probably have spent a good amount of time cooped up indoors over the holidays and football weekends, get out and see a movie on us! First place gets a $75 gift card to the movies, second a $25. (Theater selections may vary, prizes will also vary for international members.)

How does this all work?

  • Submit one or more fanposts during the month of December. (Yes, anything you’ve submitted since Dec. 1st still counts.)
  • Keep it PG!
  • Follow the Community Guidelines.

On top of a shot at the prizes and Fanposts of the Month, your fanpost could also be featured on the front page!

Need some help? See this Fanpost guide or feel free to contact me at or on twitter @robert_ban.

Good luck!