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2019 NFL Mock Draft: Winning the draft for the Arizona Cardinals

One scenario playing out like a dream for the Arizona Cardinals.

Rose Bowl Game Presented by Northwestern Mutual - Washington v Ohio State Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

When you sit down to produce different mock drafts each and every week, you go in with quite a few ideas and then the board spits out random algorithms and you try and figure out how to enact the best plan.

That was this week’s edition of the Revenge of the Birds 2019 NFL Mock Draft with the FanSpeak mock.

Using a three round mock, with Matt Miller’s latest big board and the difficulty turned up, I astonishingly came away with what I would say is the best case scenario for the Arizona Cardinals in the 2019 NFL Draft.

The Arizona Cardinals, staying with the first pick, taking the top player on the board in each round, again based off Matt Miller’s Big Board, gives us quite the haul.

Miller has Bosa as the best player in the draft, so he was the first pick. This will be argued for the next couple months when the Cardinals either start to name players, sign Bosa to a contract or trade the pick.

Until then, you’ll see 90% of Big Boards with Bosa as the top player.

It is the second round that began to unfold in such a way that it appeared like, on paper this would be the best case scenario for the Arizona Cardinals.

Andre Dillard, Miller’s 26th overall prospect and a player many Arizona Cardinals fans are beginning to long for, was available at the 33rd pick. He was the best player left on the board in Miller’s draft board as well. The next name was Marquise Brown and everyone knows my affinity for Brown, but going with the idea that I would take the best player available, based on Miller’s board, each round, this was the pick and I can’t complain in the least.

In Dillard, you get a right tackle that is young and adept at playing in a Kliff Kingsbury style of offense. It gives you flexibility with D.J. Humphries in 2020 and beyond, and it again plays to the bigger idea of fixing the biggest issues on the team... the front lines.

The third round was the cherry on top of this excellent draft sundae.

Getting a player like Parris Campbell, a wide receiver with the ability to play inside and out, or in the backfield, a true gadget player in the mold of Tyreek Hill, would be an unbelievable get at 65.

On Miller’s board, Campbell is the 49th ranked player in the draft. You get him at 65.

The dream of this draft is honestly too good to be true.

Both Dillard and Campbell have been frequent flyers in the first round of a number of mock drafts. If the Cardinals somehow ended up with both, while still securing the best player in the draft with the first pick... Well that is a hell of a draft day on paper.