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Feather Chase Championship and ROTB Super Bowl Contest

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

And then there were two...

The Feather Chase Championship will be decided between ArizonaPhatz (5 feathers) and CardiacCardinalsFanatic (5 feathers). Phatz and CCF need to make their picks versus the Vegas spread and the over/under, plus in case we need a tiebreaker, list your top 3 picks in order for game MVP.

NE (2.5) vs, LAR

Over/under: 56.5

The winner receives a New Era Arizona Cardinals’ hat via

And now here is a little contest for everyone—-if you can guess the exact score of the game, you too will receive a New Era Arizona Cardinals’ hat via

First come, first serve—-in other words, once a prediction is made, no one can write in the same prediction.

My prediction: Patriots 30 Rams 25.

Have a Super Sunday...and “stay thirsty” my friends!