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Kyler Murray chooses NFL over MLB, let the chaos begin

The Arizona Cardinals and the rest of the NFL now know that the Heisman winner is all in on the NFL.

Oklahoma v West Virginia Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Kyler Murray has officially announced his intentions to play in the NFL.

After a couple weeks of hemming and hawing, Murray has committed himself to the NFL, even paying back most of his bonus from the Oakland Athletics:

This will inevitably lead to a number of conversations about what the Arizona Cardinals should do regarding not only the first pick, but Kyler Murray:

As someone who has fully embraced the chaos, I’m up for whatever happens and whatever the Arizona Cardinals see as the appropriate steps moving forward.

Outside of trading down, because I’m a staunch advocate of taking the best players when you have the opportunity to.

However, what happens from here will be an intriguing thing to watch.

You have to assume an NFL team has talked to Murray and assured him they will take him somewhere high in the 2019 NFL Draft for Murray to be ready to repay that bonus money.

If it’s the Cardinals, giddy up. If it’s someone else, good luck.

No matter what, the next 73 days are going to be fantastic drama.