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Eric Reid sets safety market and likely prices Tre Boston out of Arizona

The Arizona Cardinals will likely not be able to afford to keep Tre Boston in free agency.

Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

While it seemed unlikely that the Arizona Cardinals were going to re-sign Tre Boston, the new contract for Eric Reid from the Carolina Panthers may have set the price pretty far outside of the Cardinals price range if they did want to bring him back.

Reid signed a three-year $22 million contract with the Panthers and that has set the market.

That would mean the Cardinals would need to find a way to pay another member of their secondary over $6 million a season.

Not just another member of the secondary, but another safety.

Maybe if you’re bringing in a high end cornerback, but a safety who was good last year, but not All-Pro type seems a terrible way to deal with the remains cap space.

That could be excellent foresight by Steve Keim to see a potential spike in the safety market after it dropped off last year so drastically. Meaning bringing in D.J. Swearinger at $4.5 million, who was better in 2018 than either Reid or Boston, was the savvy move for the Cardinals heading into 2019.

Either way, it looks like Boston will not be in Cardinal red in 2019.