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Antonio Brown Trade rumors: Patrick Peterson looks to recruit Antonio Brown on Twitter

The Arizona Cardinals All Pro cornerback is recruiting the disgruntled Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

As one of the weirdest and surely to be one of the wildest offseasons in NFL history gets set to start, the recruiting process by the Arizona Cardinals has already begun.

On Tuesday, All Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown tweeted out it was time to move on in his career from the Pittsburgh Steelers:

If you enjoy the worst of humanity, go ahead and read through the responses to the Tweet, but in essence Brown and the Steelers relationship seems to be irrevocably broken.

Which means now players from around the NFL, including the Arizona Cardinals are on the recruiting trail for the All Pro wide receiver.

Enter Patrick Peterson.

Now, the aspect or chance of the Arizona Cardinals to acquire Brown is slim, but more because where they are as a team than anything else.

The Cardinals could offer the Steelers their second round pick, the 33rd in the 2019 NFL Draft, which is obviously the best pick outside of the first round and likely more than any other team would be willing to offer.

The Cardinals in turn would get maybe the best wide receiver in the NFL with three years of control on his contract.

Yes, Brown is coming into his age 31 season, but he has shown no signs of slowing down and would instantly give the Cardinals a boost in their wide receiver corps, more than any possible rookie draft pick could over the next three years.

It would also go in line with the idea of pulling out all of the stops to put the best possible team around Josh Rosen while on his rookie deal.

The chances of this happening are slim, but if the team is following the Los Angeles Rams model, it is something they should consider, whether it is Brown in 2019 or another receiver in 2020, the Cardinals have to begin to spend on veteran talent as much as possible.