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Despite backing Josh Rosen, trade rumors now begin about the Arizona Cardinals young quarterback

NFL: Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing is worse than unsubstantiated rumors emerging within 48 hours of the Arizona Cardinals coming out and supporting Josh Rosen moving forward.

Yet, it wouldn’t be the northeast media if they listened to what a lowly west coast team was saying.

No, instead they doubled down and started making faux trade proposals that the Arizona Cardinals would have to begin to sort through.

This is where the biggest disconnect lies, at least for me, with the trade Josh Rosen ideal.

Salary cap, dead cap is what it is, the Cardinals didn’t seem worried about it as they sank a useless $20 million into Sam Bradford in 2018 and 2019.

Here are two trade proposals that the east coast media is suggesting for Josh Rosen.

24/7 Sports:

More likely, the Giants would send a package of draft picks to acquire Rosen that would include the No. 38 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft (the Giants’ second-round pick), a late-round 2019 draft pick, and a conditional 2020 draft pick.

Analysis: That’s probably the market for Rosen if the Arizona Cardinals ever did enter it (I have not heard a single person I talk with directly say they are even thinking about it for what it is worth). The caveat being the conditional. If it is a day three pick based on time in 2019, I think that’s a tougher sell.

The Big Lead:

What about some multi-draft pick package and players who New England would have to pay in 2019 or 2020, like Trey Flowers (the same way they dealt Chandler Jones to the Cardinals in 2016) and Kyle Von Noy (former 2nd round pick)?

The Pats have two second round picks, their own and the Chicago Bears, while also having the Detroit Lions third round pick.

Picking up Trey Flowers makes the most sense in this case, since they are trading away the possibility of Nick Bosa or Josh Allen. Let him play edge opposite Jones and go from there.

If they end up with Flowers and pick 56 and 74 or 64 and 74 you feel... okay I guess.

That’s the problem for me, more than salary cap implications.

You used a first and a third on Rosen, you’ll never recoup the first, but to get a single second round pick? Seems like you’re just selling to sell at that point.

No, the Cardinals are going to hold onto Rosen at least for 2019 and give him a chance to show he is the franchise quarterback they drafted...

Even if the east coast media wants to find a way to get Rosen to the Giants or Patriots.