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Sunday Night Open Thread with Revenge of the Birds

As the 2019 NFL Combine comes closer and closer, we’ll beginning to get more and more information about the Arizona Cardinals and how the 2019 NFL Draft will unfold.

For now, the continual speculation has caused the tempers on the site to begin to rise, which is always fun.

It is almost like fans forget this is the worst team in the NFL and the immediate trying to fix things will cause many within the NFL community to ask questions and expound on their opinions of what will fix the Cardinals.

It causes fans to do a double take and sometimes become combative.

Remember, for the most part we are all Cardinals fans here, so having different opinions is actually good and not bad.

Your a fan of a team that went 3-13 last year and has the first pick in the draft. Every position is a question mark. Every one.

Every player is replaceable, tradeable and in flux.

Does it suck? Absolutely.

Is it the reality of where this team is? Unfortunately.

Let’s enjoy the next couple of months and the speculation because soon enough we’ll be able to start arguing about whether or not the Cardinals made the right decisions in free agency and the draft.

We’ll be able to lament or praise the hire of Kliff Kingsbury.

It’ll be non-stop, so if you’re this mad now, it’ll only get worse over the next six months until games start again.