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Arizona Cardinals early favorite to pick first in 2020 NFL Draft according to some ESPN writers

The Cardinals could make it back to back picking first overall.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals- Kliff Kingsbury Press Conference Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

For the Arizona Cardinals and the fans, the 2019 season cannot get started fast enough.

Distancing ourselves from 2018 and the pains of the Steve Wilks era is one of the biggest things Cardinals fans are hoping for with the hiring of Kliff Kingsbury and the new era of Cardinals football.

While many are excited, although willing to acknowledge it may be one to two years before we see the most competitive product on the field.

However, not everyone is buying what the Cardinals and Steve Keim are selling.

In ESPN’s 2019 offseason questions, the Cardinals are a popular pick for one thing no one wants to see.

Which team should be the early favorite to pick No. 1 overall in the 2020 draft?

Dan Graziano: Cardinals ... again. Josh Rosen is starting over in Year 2 with a new coaching staff and a completely untested coach, with lots of work still to do to make the roster respectable. ... The Cardinals are a long ways off.

Jason Reid: Cardinals. They are a complete mess. It’s fair to question the overall direction of the organization, and the roster needs a ton of work. I mean, it wouldn’t be surprising if Arizona had to start all over again in a couple of seasons.

Kevin Seifert: Cardinals. Not enough people recognize the unusual approach the Cardinals are taking to dig out of their hole. They hired a failed college coach (Kliff Kingsbury) because they think he is a good playcaller, will start a quarterback (Rosen) who ranked last in the NFL in Total QBR and have a coaching staff hired by the general manager. Sometimes different is good, but this arrangement has a chance to bomb spectacularly.

There were only two other teams that received votes.

The Miami Dolphins had four votes, outpacing the Cardinals and the Cincinnati Bengals received one vote.

There are a number of things to be excited about for the Arizona Cardinals, however it is not surprising to see that some are hesitant, at best to buy in.

Here’s to the Cardinals proving them wrong.