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2019 NFL Draft: Nick Bosa player profile

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

So many names have been tossed around for the number one pick over the last year.

Ed Oliver

Quinnen Williams

Josh Allen

Kyler Murray

Nick Bosa - Edge Rusher
Ohio State - Junior
6’4’’, 264 Pounds

Those guys mentioned are in order for who has been linked to the Cardinals at number one since December, but Nick Bosa still appears to be the guy.

He’s the guy I’d want to rejuvenate a defense that struggled badly against the run, and getting off the field in crucial moments of the game, as he’d be phenomenal across from Chandler Jones.

However, let’s go through some small scenarios.

The trade-back:

Owning the first pick gives the Cardinals some options, but those options would have to get them equal value for the first pick. What does that mean?

It means the Cardinals sucked last year, and because they sucked so badly, they now have the best player in college at their disposal.

Remember guys, if you slide down the board further, the value should increase, that value being of equal value to Bosa’s talent, but sometimes, that’s not the case.

Example 1: (2016)

Los Angeles Rams receives:

1st Pick - Jared Goff
100th Pick - (traded to Oakland)
177th Pick - Temarrick Hemingway

Tennessee Titans receives:

15th Pick - (traded to Cleveland)
43rd Pick - Austin Johnson
45th Pick - Derrick Henry
76th Pick - (traded to Cleveland)
2017 1st rd Pick
2017 3rd rd Pick

In this trade, it just doesn’t add up to what the first pick should be worth, but unfortunately, this is how it is sometimes. Tennessee really wanted back into the top-10 of the draft, so they eventually traded back up. I’m sorry, but if your going to get your franchise guy, I’d like something more. Going down further down the board (14 spots) in this situation, I would require maybe one more second round pick, but that’s me critiquing. Let’s look at the 2012 draft for an example of moving just a smidge, from 2 to 6.

Example 2: (2012)

Washington Redskins receives:

2nd Pick - Robert Griffin III

St. Louis Rams receives:

6th Pick - (traded to Dallas)
36th Pick - Janoris Jenkins
2013 1st rd Pick
2014 1st rd Pick

Four spots provided a lot of compensation for the Rams. They made sure they secured a bounty, and the Redskins were desperate enough to get their QBOTF. Three first round picks for 4 spots is huge, like a treasure trove that would stabilize for the next couple of years. The problem for the Cardinals is whether someone is willing to give you that much of their future. Admittedly, the Rams did little with the return. Another example coming, but this time, it’s for a position on defense.

Example 3: (2013)

Miami Dolphins receives:

3rd Pick - Dion Jordan

Oakland Raiders receives:

12th Pick - D.J. Hayden
42nd Pick - Menelik Watson

The Dolphins made the mistake of trading up for bust Dion Jordan, but honestly, they gave up peanuts for getting up to 3. Some factors come into play, such as 2013 being possibly the worst draft in the last 20 years, and a lot of people in Oakland not sure how Dion Jordan fit into their system at the time. If a team is purely wanting Nick Bosa, than don’t expect them to get a Mike Ditka offer (look it up, quite the trade). That leads me to ask another question.

Who’s worth the number one pick at the moment?:

Nick Bosa - DE, Ohio State

Dwayne Haskins - QB, Ohio State

Seriously, these are the only two who qualify in my book, and if you think I’m lying, than sorry, but I choose to believe what I’ve been watching on film for the past year. Haskins had a Heisman-esque type of year, but started one year at Ohio State. Bosa is a freak, but it’s hard to get equal value for a defensive end. If your asking why Kyler Murray wouldn’t be considered at number one, just at this perimeter of the draft process, I’m just uncomfortable slotting a 5’9’’ QB at one. Even if the Cardinals decided that Murray was their guy, why wouldn’t you trade back, acquire more picks, than select Murray where many scouts see him going, 6-15.

Some still doubt Bosa, I can understand pessimism because of prior injuries, but if everything checks out at the combine, I can’t see a reason why you wouldn’t want Bosa. Seriously, the pros outweigh the cons. Talking pros and cons, I’ll talk about some that I saw the last two seasons I watched Bosa.


Has a great burst, loves to be the first to engage (not afraid of the violence), and has an arsenal that includes; quick hands, a swim move, shed and release that allows him to use his strength (very strong additionally) to push the tackle to their weak side, and a basic power shove, which allows him to push the blocker in between the numbers. Bosa is that rare type of guy that matches IQ with the tools he has. Don’t discount his athleticism, he will likely put up big numbers at the NFL Combine that should squash any concerns people may have. Had a lot of respect from Urban Meyer and Larry Johnson (defensive line coach) when he decided to forgo the rest of the season, they talked about the respect he had from those in the Buckeye locker room as a team leader.


Injury to his core muscle that required surgery and rehab until December. It shouldn’t have any lingering effects on him playing this upcoming season, but he still needs to pass the medical exams at the combine. I have some problems with him getting swallowed up in blocks, and he becomes too dependent on his natural abilities to disengage.


If someone comes up after the combine as a freak, I could understand if fans of the Cardinals were to question who to take at one. This is the guy I’ve slotted at one since December, and I don’t see that changing, because he should still impress at the combine.