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Super Bowl LIII second half open thread

The Patriots lead at the half, can they finish the year out on top?

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Well, defense was on the first half menu, as well as three trips on the IncrediCoaster for yours truly.

It was all New England Patriots in the first half as they lead Super Bowl LIII 3-0.

The real story is the fact that as always, Bill Belichick is the advantage in every game he steps in to.

The Patriots are outgaining the Rams 196 to 57.

What Belichick does defensively every Super Bowl is just so impressive.

Now, we’ll see how the chess match plays out in the second half.

Through two quarters, I’d say the Super Bowl MVP voting would be Julian Edelman for the Patriots and for the Rams it’s tough but it would have to be either Michael Brockers or Mark Barron, both playing extremely well.

The second half will be all about Sean McVay and what he can do to adjust offensively.

The Patriots have left at least six points on the field today, which makes the score even more of a concern if you’re the Rams.

Yet, the Rams get the ball to start the second half. If they can come out and at least tie the game up, you have to feel like they can keep this thing competitive.

Enjoy the second half.