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As Arizona Cardinals try and replicate new models of success, the Super Bowl served to remind the Patriot Way is the gold standard

Coming off the Super Bowl, one thing remains clear, the New England Patriots model is still the best in sports.

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-Winning Team Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2019 NFL offseason officially gets underway, there’s one thing Arizona Cardinals fans need to completely understand and come to grips with.

Kliff Kingsbury is not an advantage in the NFL in coaching.

No, Kingsbury, like Sean McVay, Andy Reid and others all still bow at the alter of one man… Bill Belichick.

After his sixth Super Bowl title, this one a master class in making football ugly, there’s no question that the young pups, the offensive minds in the league still can’t compete with Belichick’s performance.

For the Cardinals, that doesn’t matter too much, they are unlikely to see the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl in the next two years, and Belichick’s coaching expiration is likely coming soon, but it also brings another sobering reminder.

It’s unlikely that we will ever see another NFL team have a 17 year run like the Pats.

No, following the Patriot way is not something any team can possibly replicate. It’s a model to try and follow, because of its success, but so much hinges on two things no one can copy: Belichick and Tom Brady.

Oh sure you’ll get more talented quarterbacks than Brady, but how many will willing sacrifice $10-15 million in a salary every season?

As for Belichick, he continues to show you that he’s the master when it comes to game planning. He has bear everyone that stands in his way, sans ol Dougie Pederson.

The Patriot model, the Patriot way is the standard of excellence in modern football.

It’s also completely unable to be replicated.

That reminder was on display one more time in Super Bowl LIII.