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Arizona Cardinals could finally land Terrell Suggs, per report

Arizona Cardinals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Larry French/Getty Images

It may only have taken 17 seasons, but we may finally see a wrong corrected by the Arizona Cardinals.

There are reports that former Baltimore Ravens linebacker and ASU alum Terrell Suggs will part ways with the Ravens.

The whispers are he could return to the desert.

Suggs is a former All Pro and seven time Pro Bowler with the Ravens where he compiled 132.5 sacks over 229 career games.

He burst onto the scene in Arizona where he was a star running back at Hamilton High School in the late 90’s and then went on to be an All American and set the NCAA D1 sack record.

In 2003 the Arizona Cardinals had the sixth pick in the draft and had the chance to select Suggs, or even All Pro tackle Jordan Gross, but instead traded down to get two first round picks in the draft.

It ended poorly for the Cardinals.

Since tearing his achilles in 2015, Terrell Suggs has recorded 26 sacks and 35 tackles for loss in three seasons. Fairly impressive for a player averaging about 70% of snaps played in those seasons.

If the Cardinals were to sign Suggs, it would be a nice potential pre-cursor to the drafting of Nick Bosa. It would allow the Cardinals to surround Bosa with two phenomenal pass rushers in Suggs and Chandler Jones, but also help bring him along at a good pace, without expecting too much from him early.

When news on Suggs decision comes out, we’ll make sure we have it ready for you.