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Arizona Cardinals Jordan Hicks versus San Francisco 49ers Kwon Alexander contract shows how Cardinals got the cheaper deal on paper

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One of the more intriguing things that happens each and every season is when the contracts are actually unveiled.

One thing we heard and saw a lot of when the Arizona Cardinals signed Jordan Hicks was that they got a steal compared to what others had to pay out.

Now, when the details of the Cardinals deal with Hicks has come out, it seems more likely that while the numbers for Kwon Alexander are certainly higher, the San Francisco 49ers are in a much better spot to move on if Alexander gets injured again or the previous injuries have already sapped him of his abilities.

The Arizona Cardinals paid Jordan Hicks $29 million the first two years, guaranteed… The San Francisco 49ers are paying Alexander $17.25 million guaranteed the first two years and can get out of the contract with $10 million in savings in year two.

The Cardinals would cost $2 million to cut Hicks after one season.

After that the difference is just in cap savings. The 49ers structured the contract where they are out of it with massive cap savings as soon as they want to.

The Cardinals save $3 million in year three and up to $6 million in year four.

The 49ers save over $12 million in year three and over $13 million in year four.

The Cardinals definitely got the better deal if both players play out all four seasons. The 49ers have much more protection if anything goes wrong with Alexander.

That’s always the interesting thing about free agency… what do the contracts actually tell us.