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Arizona Cardinals near the top in dead money, not in the top 12 of remaining salary cap space in 2019

NFL: Arizona Cardinals- Kliff Kingsbury Press Conference The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

For the Arizona Cardinals one if the biggest issues has not been signing players, instead it has been signing players to cap friendly deals.

The Arizona Cardinals are still handing out big signing bonuses that extend for a chunk of the contract and in turn helps them look like they are getting better deals than they are.

It also leads to the team having huge dead money numbers.

The Cardinals and Steve Keim are still in the habit of handing out those big contracts numbers, as we’ll take a look at later today.

No, what happens is the Cardinals use these guarantees spread out over the course of the contract to make the numbers look more team friendly, but in effect they seem to cause problems, especially as they go longer into the contracts.

Dead money is wasted money. It eats up needed cap space. Moreover, it causes cap space to go away quickly…

The reason the Cardinals cap space has vanished isn’t because they’ve handed out big contracts, it’s because they’ve handed out big guarantees spread out over the course of a contract that ends up just sitting on cap space without the players on the field.

It’s an old school method of contracts, hopefully the Cardinals can get out of it.