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2019 NFL Draft consensus says the Arizona Cardinals will pick Kyler Murray with the first pick

Arizona Cardinals Introduce Kliff Kingsbury - Press Conference Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Five short weeks, that is where we are until the Arizona Cardinals take the podium in Nashville, Tennessee to make the first pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Only a few weeks ago when we looked at the SB Nation 2019 NFL Consensus Mock Draft the overwhelming favorite was Nick Bosa at 55%, with only 27% looking at the potential of Kyler Murray. That was on March 5, 2019.

In fact, Bosa

Now the SB Nation 2019 NFL Consensus Mock Draft has another pick, and this time it is not even close, as Kyler Murray is the pick in 85% of the mock drafts from around the web.

That is a massive number and Nick Bosa is now down to only 11%. There is a combination of picks garnering the other 2%, but it seems at this point, the Arizona Cardinals, at least to those on the internet, are taking Kyler Murray.

Sometimes, when things are too much of a consensus, it seems like it is unlikely.

We have five weeks left, we’ll know more soon.