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Pro Football Focus picks the Arizona Cardinals as one of five teams that needs to win the 2019 NFL Draft

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For the Arizona Cardinals, free agency brought many welcomed additions as well as a few questions.

For Pro Football Focus the next step is the 2019 NFL Draft.

While each team needs to do well drafting, PFF addressed “Five teams that need to win the 2019 NFL Draft after free agency” and you’ll never guess who was at the top of the list.

“The Arizona Cardinals are on the clock, and they have been since December 30th, 2018. Of course, this isn’t unusual for a team that finished a season with the worst record in the NFL, but what is unusual is the position they now find themselves in. After taking former UCLA signal-caller Josh Rosen with the 10th overall pick of the draft just a year ago, the Cardinals struggled through a year of poor quarterback play by the rookie, who ended the year with an abysmal grade of 49.1 that ranked 37th among 38 players at the position. So, with the added pressure of trying to evaluate and choose who the best player is to select at first overall, they now also have to think long and hard about whether or not they want to ‘give up’ on Rosen and spend their first overall pick on quarterback Kyler Murray, the best quarterback in this year’s draft and a player that would bring a uniquely complimentary skill set to the team’s new look offense…”

“The Cardinals now have the rare opportunity to pick first overall and take the very best player available. We’re confident that the best player available is Kyler Murray, and we think he can transform the Cardinals’ offense. But do the Cardinals believe the same? And what if they stick with Rosen and he continues to underwhelm under center? What if Rosen shows improvement, but Kyler Murray storms out of the gate and surpasses Rosen in his first season? These are all questions that the Cardinals need to answer in the next month, and after a dismal 3-13 season, they need to be answered correctly.”

So… PFF thinks the Cardinals need to make a bold move. It’s quite the take and one they back up with their own work.

They have taken the side that the best player in the draft by their ratings and rankings is Kyler Murray.

The second best player in the draft to them is Nick Bosa.

For the Cardinals, it’s quite the question to answer, is the upside of Murray and a day two pick worth more than Josh Rosen and Nick Bosa?

PFF thinks so… We’ll see I’d the Arizona Cardinals agree in 35 days.