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Kliff Kingsbury says ‘Everything’s on the table’ with the first pick

Arizona Cardinals Introduce Kliff Kingsbury - Press Conference Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The decision of what the Arizona Cardinals will do with the first pick is not decided and moreover, the Arizona Cardinals continue through the process.

The process also means the Arizona Cardinals are keeping all of their options on the table.

NFL Network talked to Kliff Kingsbury and said as much:

“I think everything’s on the table,” he said. “When you have that first pick, you’ve gotta turn over every stone and look at every scenario that’s out there, and so we’re definitely doing that.”

With everything on the table, that means the Arizona Cardinals are truly looking through all the options they may have.

“We haven’t [decided what we’re going to do with the top pick]. We haven’t. We’re a long ways from that,” Kingsbury said. “You know, coaches on the road, scouts from the road, private workouts, pro days. And we won’t even discuss until next week and try to fill our board and go from there.”

It makes sense for the Cardinals, even if some fans don’t understand it.

The Cardinals are entering a complete rebirth of sorts, which means that even though they have Josh Rosen, it doesn’t take quarterback out of the question:

“Yeah, I’ve talked to Josh and he understands it’s a business and what all goes with the first pick and what’s going on,” the coach said... “Yeah, I do [think Rosen could remain with the team]. I do,” Kingsbury said. “I mean, when you have the first pick, anything can happen, as you know, but you know, he’s a talented player, and we’re very high on him and that hasn’t changed.”

Kingsbury knows what he has seen in Josh Rosen and it may include a future with the Arizona Cardinals...

I’ve watched, read and listened to everything the Arizona Cardinals have said publicly as well as asking around as much as possible privately and I truly believe everything is on the table.

If the Cardinals stay at one and don’t trade Rosen... It will likely be Nick Bosa.

If the Cardinals move out of the first pick, they really like Quinnen Williams and a number of people believe he will be available with the fourth pick, if the Raiders and Cardinals can come to an accord.

Finally... Kyler Murray is on the table.

Those are the three names I have heard.

The Cardinals are saying that everything is on the table and everything they’ve done shows that is the truth.