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Kliff Kingsbury continues to sing praises of Josh Rosen, looks forward to coaching Arizona Cardinals quarterback

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Throughout the offseason the speculation of what the Arizona Cardinals will do with the first pick has run rampant.

The team has done nothing to quell that speculation, almost instead leaning into it and trying to create the chaos that has surrounded the first pick.

One thing they have done, time and time again when given the opportunity though, is praise their incumbent starting quarterback Josh Rosen.

Kliff Kingsbury did so again at the 2019 NFL Meetings:

“People have said a lot of things, that are misconceptions...”

“I always thought watching him at UCLA that he played his best football in a spread system, which has some similarities to what we do,” Kingsbury said. “He’s a tremendous thinker. He’s very cerebral and can throw it with anybody. We take a lot of pride in building a system around the quarterback, so for someone to say that he doesn’t fit our system just doesn’t make sense.”

That’s been something that has been talked about quite a bit, Kingsbury’s system.

What the misconception is for many is that Kingsbury’s system for Josh Rosen and his system if they were to draft Kyler Murray would be the same thing... They wouldn’t be.

Kingsbury’s ability to adapt his system to the strengths of his quarterback is one of the reasons a number of NFL teams were so interested in him this offseason and why the Cardinals knew from the jump he was the guy they wanted.

Kingsbury will have to adapt what he wants to do more with Josh, there is no doubt to that, but his system is one that lends itself to putting a quarterback like Davis Webb in a position to be successful. One that finds a quarterback like Baker Mayfield as a walk-on freshman and can put him in a position to be successful.

His offense that he had for Patrick Mahomes is not going to be the same as it would for Kyler Murray and it won’t be the same for Josh Rosen.

That’s what Kingsbury does and that is what he will do.

His quarterback is Josh Rosen until it’s not, and he’ll scheme that way until he won’t.