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Arizona Cardinals decide to push back offseason program for a week as they get ready for life under Kliff Kingsbury

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Arizona Cardinals Introduce Kliff Kingsbury - Press Conference Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

With the offseason underway for the NFL the Arizona Cardinals had an advantage heading into the offseason workouts.

They could start a little early.

They have decided not to. In fact, the Cardinals will start workouts on April 8, 2019 along with most of the rest of the league, as to avoid a potential lag time in the middle.

With an early start, the Cardinals would have an extra week that would need to be accounted for, meaning taking a week off somewhere.

Instead now they can enjoy the meetings, come back as a staff and start piecing together their draft board while also putting together an NFL based practice plan, something Kingsbury has never done as a coach.

It is sure to drive speculation for other reasons, but the reality is the team is getting ready for a pivotal offseason, big decisions and to make sure there is not a repeat of last year. More time to get things right for the team they have in house is far more important and logical than anything else.